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Task Force Haynes became operational at 1020, 1 September. [23-31] Southward, in the Yŏngsan area, General Keiser placed Brig. Gen. Joseph S. Bradley, Assistant Division Commander, in charge of the 9th Infantry Regiment , the 2nd Engineer Combat Battalion, most of the 72nd Tank Battalion, and other miscellaneous units of the division. This southern grouping was known as Task Force Bradley.


[23-Caption] AREA OF MAIN DEFENSIVE POSITION in front of Ch'angnyŏng.


All three regiments of the enemy 2nd Division-the 4th, 17th, and 6th, in line from north to south-crossed during the night to the east side of the Naktong River into the 23rd Regiment sector. The enemy 2nd Division, concentrated in the Sinban-ni area west of the river, had, in effect, attacked straight east across the river and was trying to seize the two avenues of advance into Ch'angnyŏng above and below Lake U-p'o.