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Frustration in Korea * 391


As supreme commander for the Allied powers, I issued the following statement to the Japanese people on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of V-J Day [9/2/1945]:


Five years have passed since the nations of the world entered into solemn covenants designed to restore and preserve the peace. All men then looked forward with new hope and a new resolve to achieve a relationship based upon a mutuality of purpose, a mutuality of understanding, and a mutuality of dedication to higher human and spiritual ideals. Hope found its genesis in the determination enunciated by the major powers that irresponsible militarism, the scourge of mankind since the beginning of time, be driven from the world.


This hope has not materialized. While militarism in Japan, largely through the self-dedicated efforts of the Japanese people themselves, has been banished and no longer exists even as a debatable concept, elsewhere imperialistic militarism, marching under different banners but unified direction, is leaving in its wake the stark tragedy of human and spiritual wreckage. Many peoples have fallen under its savage and merciless assaults and fear of conquest and enslavement grips much of the earth.


In the universal atmosphere of doubt and uncertainty generated by the clash of opposing forces good and evil the Japanese people with calmness and resolution have written a record of political reorientation, economic reconstruction and social progress which attests to Japan's unconditional qualification to resume membership in good standing in the family of free nations.


From the ashes left in war's wake there has arisen in Japan an edifice dedicated to the primacy of individual liberty and personal dignity, and in the ensuing process there has been created a truly representative government committed to the advance of political morality, freedom of economic enterprise, and social justice. Thus oriented, Japan may be counted upon to wield a profound influence over the course of events in Asia.


The basic objectives of Occupation have been achieved. Politically, economically, and socially, Japan at peace will not fail the universal trust.


I had a premonition as I wrote the message that this would be the last time I would address Japan.