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The day before, the 159th Field Artillery Battalion also had distinguished itself in defending its guns in close fighting.


Fighting in support of the Nam River front in the northern part of the 25th Division sector were five batteries of the 159th and 64th Field Artillery Battalions (105-mm. howitzers) and one battery of the 90th Field Artillery Battalion (155-mm. howitzers), for a total of thirty-six guns. One 155-mm. howitzer, called by Colonel Fisher "The Little Professor," fired from Kŏmam-ni on the Notch back of Chungam-ni, through which funneled much of the N.K. 6th Division's supplies. Another forward artillery piece kept the Iryong-ni bridge over the Nam under fire. The 25th Division artillery estimated it killed approximately 1,825 North Korean soldiers during the first three days of September. [24-49]

In this critical time, the Fifth Air Force added its tremendous fire power to that of the division artillery in support of the ground force.