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On 2 September General Stratemeyer ordered his subordinate commanders to brief their crews that when in the vicinity of the borders, unless positive of their location, they must leave at once.

Despite these explicit orders there were some mistakes and compromises of the border by pilots who became lost in the confusing geography of North Korea. Two fighter pilots strafed a Red Chinese airstrip near Antung on 27 August.

[Guess they were not mind readers didn't know what Stratemeyer was going to do on  the 2nd of September.]

A 98th Group B-29 bombed near Antung on the night of 22 September when similarity of the topography of Antung and Sinanju, 60 miles south, led the crew to believe that they were bombing in the vicinity of Sinanju.

 Missions of this type up the northwest coast of Korea were necessary because of the large amounts of military supplies brought across the Manchurian border daily from Antung, but the crew had been briefed to remain 50 miles or more from the border. General Stratemeyer specifically directed that any crew given a mission north of the line P'yŏngyang   -  Wŏnsan should be briefed on North Korean geography and that if they could not positively locate themselves they were not to attack.

When two F-80 's attacked a Siberian airfield on 8 October, General Stratemeyer removed the group commander.