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At 0935 that morning (2 September), while the North Koreans were attempting to destroy the Engineer troops at the southern edge of Yŏngsan and clear the road to Miryang, General Walker talked by telephone with Maj. Gen. Doyle O. Hickey, Deputy Chief of Staff, Far East Command, in Tokyo. He [General Walker] described the situation around the Perimeter and said the most serious threat was along the boundary between the U.S. 2nd and 25th Divisions. He  [General Walker] described the location of his reserve forces and his plans for using them. He  [General Walker] said he had started the marines toward Yŏngsan but had not yet released them for commitment there and he wanted to be sure that General MacArthur approved his use of them, since he knew that this would interfere with other plans of the Far East Command. Walker said he did not think he could restore the 2nd Division lines without using them. General Hickey replied that General MacArthur had the day before approved the use of the marines if and when Walker considered it necessary. [On the 5th at midnight it will be taken away]