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September 2, 1950

A few hours after this conversation [at 0935 General Walker talked by telephone with Maj. Gen. Doyle O. Hickey, Deputy Chief of Staff, Far East Command, in Tokyo.] General Walker, at 1315, attached the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade to the 2nd Division and ordered a coordinated attack by all available elements of the division and the marines, with the mission of destroying the enemy east of the Naktong River in the 2nd Division sector and of restoring the river line. The marines were to be released from 2nd Division control just as soon as this mission was accomplished. [24-15]

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A conference was held that afternoon at the 2nd Division command post attended by Colonel Collier, Deputy Chief of Staff, Eighth Army, General Craig and Maj. Frank R. Stewart, Jr., of the Marine Corps, and General Keiser and 2nd Division staff officers. A decision was reached that the


3915 on map 8 miles south of Miryang, 1-2 miles east of the Miryang River.

[24-Caption] U.N. TROOPS CROSS RICE PADDIES to attack west of Yŏngsan.