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Pacific Air Forces patch  

On 31 August FEAF announced its decision to assume direct operational control of the 1st troop Carrier Task Force. General Tunner, who had returned temporarily to Washington, again reached Tokyo on the afternoon of 3 September, where he was briefed by FEAF on the mission of his command which he preferred to call the FEAF Combat Cargo Command (P).


This change in designation was accomplished and back-dated to 26 August, the effective date of Tunner's assumption of command. As originally established the Cargo Command got operational control of the

These actions completed the organizational framework necessary to the expanding transport operations into Korea.

[Even so on 25 July General MacArthur had asked for C-119 aircraft to implement the employment of one airborne RCT, and even though the USAF had made the 314th troop Carrier Group (M) available to FEAF after 15 August by 9/10 (two months later) they still didn't have the required aircraft].