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Holding the town of Hyŏnp'ung was C Company, which withdrew from it under enemy attack during the night of 2-3 September.

Beginning with 3 September, Hyŏnp'ung for two weeks was either in enemy hands or a no man's land. [24-35]

North and east of the Hill 409 and Hyŏnp'ung area lay a virtually road less, high mountain area having no fixed U.N. defensive positions. This, too, was a no man's land in early September. Four miles north of Hyŏnp'ung was the Yongp'o bridge across the Naktong and the 1st Cavalry Division boundary. The Yongp'o bridge site was defended by the 3d Battalion, 23d Infantry, attached to the 1st Cavalry Division for that purpose, until 0410, 5 September, when the British 27th Infantry Brigade relieved it and went into
the line there. This, as previously noted, was the British brigade's first commitment in the Korean War.