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Hard on the heels of Major Kim's warning that the North Korean attack would strike the night of 2 September, the blow hit with full force in the Bowling Alley area north of Taegu. It caught the 8th Cavalry Regiment defending the Sangju road badly deployed in that it lacked an adequate reserve.

The North Koreans struck the 2d Battalion, 8th Cavalry, the night of 2-3 September on Hill 448 west of the Bowling Alley and two miles north of Tabu-dong, and overran it. On the right, E Company, although not
under attack, was cut off and had to withdraw by a roundabout way. Lt. Col. Harold K. Johnson, commanding officer of the 3d Battalion, placed I Company in a blocking position just north of Tabu-dong
astride the road.

There, two enemy tanks and some enemy infantry struck it at 0200 in the morning of 3 September. In this action,  I Company, 8th Cavalry suffered many casualties but repelled the enemy attack. The overrun 2nd Battalion withdrew through the 3d Battalion which had assembled hastily in a defensive position south of Tabu-dong.