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At 1900 the evening of 2 September, Colonel Hill returned to his command post east of Yŏngsan where he conferred with Colonel Murray, commanding the 5th Marines, and told him that his line of departure
for the attack the next morning was secure. The troops holding this line on the first hills west of Yŏngsan were: G Company, 9th Infantry, north of the road running west through Kogan-ni to the Naktong; A Company, 2d Engineer Combat Battalion, southward across the road; and, below the engineers, F Company, 9th Infantry.

 Between 0300 and 0430, 3 September, the 5th Marines moved to forward assembly areas-the 2d Battalion north of Yŏngsan, the 1st Battalion south of it. The 3d Battalion established security positions southwest of Yŏngsan along the approaches into the regimental sector from that direction. [24-17]

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During the night, A Company of the engineers had considerable fighting with North Koreans and never reached its objective.

At dawn 3 September, Reed led A Company in an attack to gain the high ground which was part of the designated Marine line of departure. The company fought its way up the slope to within 100 yards of the top, which was held by the firmly entrenched enemy. At this point Captain Reed caught an enemy-thrown grenade and was wounded by its fragments as he tried to throw it away from his men. The company with help from Marine tank fire eventually gained its objective, but this early morning battle for the line of departure delayed the planned attack. [24-18]