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At the same time, General Walker started the newly activated ROK 7th Division toward the enemy penetration. Its 5th Regiment closed at Yŏngch'ŏn that afternoon, and the 3d Regiment, less its 1st Battalion, closed at Kyŏngju in the evening. Walker also authorized Coulter to use the 3d Battalion, 8th Infantry; the 9th Infantry Regimental Tank Company; and the 15th Field Artillery Battalion as he deemed advisable. These units, held at Yŏnil Airfield for its defense, had not previously been available for commitment elsewhere. The two antiaircraft batteries of automatic weapons (D Battery, 865th AAA Battalion, and A Battery, 933d AAA Battalion) were not to be moved from the airfield except in an emergency. [22-10]


 7th R.O.K. Division (3rd, 5th, 8th Infantry Regiments)