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Company A reported its objective seized at 1630, and Newton ordered Stevens and Fenton to dig in for the night.

Both Roise and Newton were confronted by serious space factors on the night of 3–4 September. The 2d Battalion’s front was more than 2,000 yards long and formed a right angle. A gap of 500 yards stretched between Company D’s precarious position on the northern tip of Hill 117 and Easy Company’s lines below Myong-ni.

This left Smith’s depleted unit isolated and Jaskilka’s right dangling. The 1st Battalion’s right flank was exposed more than 1,000 yards along the MSR; and its front was almost a mile in length, with a 200-yard valley separating the two rifle companies. The Brigade Reconnaissance Company was deployed on high ground far out on Newton’s left flank, but this was hardly ample protection for the many avenues of approach in the south. Exhibiting his characteristic faith in high explosives, Newton called on the 1st Platoon, Able Company Engineers, to contribute their sundry lethal devices to 1/5’s infantry defense.