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At the end of August General O'Donnell wired General Stratemeyer that his medium- bomber crews were running out of assigned bridge targets. And on 4 September, when the final results of Interdiction Campaign No. 1 were calculated, General O'Donnell could report that his groups had destroyed all but seven of the 44 bridges which Stratemeyer had listed for destruction on 2 August. These seven bridges were so badly damaged as to be impassable to Communist traffic.#61


An initial list of interdiction targets was issued on July 28 and expanded on August 2. The following day, Stratemeyer ordered 5AF to destroy targets along a belt between the 37th and 38th parallels while the B–29s of Bomber Command went after targets farther north. Thus, when General MacArthur told Stratemeyer on the evening of the 3d to “stop all communications moving south,” Stratemeyer already had a comprehensive interdiction plan in place. (Futrell, pp 125-128.)