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The next morning (4 September) at breakfast, D Company [D Company, 8th Engineer Combat Battalion] received orders to move immediately as infantry to Ka-san. One platoon had to forego its breakfast. The company carried no rations since E Company, 8th Cavalry, was to bring food and water later.

The Engineer troops arrived at their assembly area near the village of Kisŏng-dong two miles east of the Tabu-dong road, where Colonel Holley set up a communications command post. Sniper fire came in on the men as they moved up the trail half a mile to the base of Ka-san's steep slope. Word was given to the company that there were about seventy-five disorganized enemy troops on Ka-san. [But actually, during the afternoon and evening of 3 September, the N.K. 2d Battalion, 2d Regiment, 1st Division, had occupied the summit of Ka-san]