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By noon, 4 September, enemy units had established roadblocks along the Kyŏngju-An'gang-ni road within three miles of Kyŏngju. A 2-mile-wide gap existed between the ROK 3d and Capital Divisions in the P'ohang-dong area. But the big break in the United Nations line was in the high mountain mass west of the HYŏngsan valley and southwest of An'gang-ni. In this area northwest of Kyŏngju there was an 8-mile gap between the Capital Division and the ROK 8th Division to the west. From that direction the enemy posed a threat, General Coulter thought, to the railroad and the road net running south through the Kyŏngju corridor to Pusan. He was not equally concerned about enemy advances in the P'ohang-dong coastal area. Faced with this big gap on his left flank, Coulter put Stephens' 21st Infantry in the broad valley and on its bordering hills northwest of Kyŏngju to block any enemy approach from that direction. [22-13]