19500904 1810 22sn

At 1810, G Company withdrew from the town and dug in along the road eastward near the rest of the 2d Battalion at the bridge over the HYŏngsan-gang. North Koreans held the town and extended southward along the railroad. [22-11]

Receiving orders from Colonel Stephens to withdraw the 2d Battalion and join the regiment above Kyŏngju, Colonel Perez had to fight his way through an enemy roadblock on the east side of the HYŏngsan-gang three miles southeast of An'gang-ni. When he got through he discovered that G Company was missing. Colonel Stephens ordered Perez to turn around and get G Company. The 2d Battalion fought its way back north and found G Company at the bridge. Reunited, the battalion fought its way out again, with tanks firing down the road ahead of the column and into the hills along the sides. Enemy fire knocked the tracks off three Patton tanks. Friendly artillery then destroyed them to prevent enemy use.