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"Sergeant First Class Loren R. Kaufman, G Company, 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, earned the fourteenth Medal of Honor in the Korean War. With his platoon occupying a strong point two miles from the rest of his company, SFC Kaufman was ordered to reinforce the company when a North Korean battalion attacked it. As the platoon moved along a ridge, it suddenly encountered a hostile force. SFC Kaufman ran forward, bayoneted the lead scout, and engaged the column in a rifle and grenade assault, shocking the enemy into a confused retreat. Joining the company and finding it pinned down, he charged the enemy lines, firing his rifle and throwing grenades, seizing an unmanned machinegun to pour fire on the hostile troops. As the company took advantage of his actions to resume their attack, SFC Kaufman led the assault, destroying a machinegun nest, overrunning a mortar position, and led the pursuit into a nearby village. Unfortunately, he was killed before he could receive his award."