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On another occasion, probably early in September, a flight of Fifth Air Force fighters did far more damage to the Red war effort than it must have imagined. A few miles north of Andong fighters evidently dropped a tank of napalm on a truck seen entering a tunnel and then placed another tank of the incendiary mixture at the other end of the tunnel. This flight probably reported one truck destroyed, but a ground reconnaissance party, happening on the scene some-what later, [Feb 51]  discovered that the tunnel was crammed with burned North Korean equipment. The reconnaissance party "conservatively estimated" that ten 76-mm. field guns, eight 120-mm. mortars, five trucks, and four jeeps-the table of equipment of a North Korean artillery battalion and heavy mortar company-had been destroyed. Judging by the odor, the party sup-posed that a number of enemy soldiers had also perished in the napalm-filled tunnel.#80

#80 FEAF Wkly. Intel. Roundup, 18-24 Feb. 1951.