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Although the improvised night-intruder effort slowed the flow of Communist logistical support, it was manifestly unable to interdict Communist night movements with the same degree of certainty with which daytime fighter-bombers interdicted hostile day movements. "Since the start of operations in Korea," observed General Vandenberg, "the problem of night attack on moving targets has obviously been one of our greatest weaknesses. "#90


On 6 September Vandenberg accordingly suggested that General Stratemeyer convert the 3d  Group completely to night attack. As   soon as it reached the theater, the 452nd   Bombardment Wing could make up for the lost daytime effort. The 731st   Squadron (Light-Night Attack) of this  air-reserve wing was especially trained for low-level night operations, and General Vandenberg proposed that this  squadron should be assigned to the  understrength 3d Group.#91