Aircraft Designation

F-80C "Shooting Star" (Lockheed)

Lockheed F-80C


June 26, 1960

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Congress is hesitant to urge the president to send troops to South Korea until many of the leading newspapers around the country write editorials backing the use of fighting forces. Among the newspapers are the N.Y. Times, Atlanta Constitution and Los Angeles Mirror.

-- Gen. Douglas MacArthur announces from Japan that 10 P-51 Mustang fighter planes and other supplies will be sent to the South Koreans. South Korea President Syngman Rhee says it is "too little, too late," and the planes will be useless because no Korean pilots are trained to fly them.

-- A U.S. Air Force fighter pilot shoots down a Russian-built North Korean Yak fighter near Kimp'o Airfield while covering transport planes evacuating Americans to Japan.

By June 29, more than 2,000 Americans are flown to Japan. During that same time period, the Air Force announces that at least 12 North Korean planes were downed. U.S. losses were three B-26 bombers and four F-80 Shooting Star fighters. All F-80 pilots were rescued.