Allen, Frank A., Jr.,
[BGen ADC 1stCD]

Allen--BrigGen Frank A. Allen, Jr., assistant commander of the 1st Cavalry

Gay's senior assistants were, like those in the 24th and 25th divisions, "European generals." The ADC was Frank A. Allen, Jr., fifty-four, a onetime cavalryman and World War II tanker who became Eisenhower's chief wartime public relations man at SHAEF and a Pentagon lobbyist in the postwar years. The artillery commander was the tough, able West Pointer (1924) Charles D. Palmer, forty-eight, who was descended from a long line of West Pointers and whose older brother, Williston B. Palmer (West Point, 1918), had commanded Joe Collins's VII Corps artillery in the ETO and in 1950 commanded the 82d Airborne Division. Palmer had been chief of staff to Edward H. ("Ted") Brooks while he commanded the famous "Hell on Wheels" 2d Armored Division and later VI Corps in the ETO. Williston and Charles Palmer both went on to wear four stars, the only brothers in Army history to do so.[6-40]