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Beahler, Lee E. [Lt D2ndECB]


September 1, 1950

On the morning of 1 September, with only the shattered remnants of E Company at hand, the  9th Infantry had virtually no troops to defend Yŏngsan. General Keiser in this emergency attached the 2nd Engineer Combat Battalion to the regiment. The 72nd Tank Battalion and the 2nd Division Reconnaissance Company also were assigned positions close to Yŏngsan.  John G. Hill planned to place the engineers on the chain of low hills that arched around Yŏngsan on the northwest.

Capt. Frank M. Reed, commanding officer of A Company, 2nd Engineer Combat Battalion, led his company westward on the south side of the Yŏngsan-Naktong River road; Lt. Lee E. Beahler with D Company of the 2nd Engineer Battalion was on the north side of the road. Approximately two miles west of Yŏngsan an estimated 300 enemy troops engaged A Company in a fire fight. Two quad-50's and one twin-40 gun carrier of the 82nd AAA Battalion supported Reed's men in this action, which lasted several hours.