Brothers, Clyde L. [Col FEAF Surgeon]

Some of the patients were taken to Pusan's east airfield (K-9) for air transport, but they often had to be held there for excessive lengths of time. A trip by Col. Clyde L. Brothers (FEAF Surgeon), Lt. Col. F. C. Kelley (Fifth Air Force Surgeon), and Major George Hewitt (Cargo Command's Assistant Director of traffic) soon brought about more orderly procedures. They planned to establish a steady flow of 450 evacuees daily out. of Korea, as follows:

In order to care for the more serious cases a special C-54 lift was provided directly from Pusan to Tokyo. Same patients were also flown to Itazuke from Taegu and P'ohang.



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Visited Korea taking over with me General Collins, Colonel Nutter and Colonel Everest; General Edwards and General Armstrong and Colonel Brothers.[221]