Chandler, Homer B.("Chan")
[Lt. Col. XO 19thIR]


The toll on senior commanders had been heavy: three regimental commanders (Martin killed; Meloy wounded and evacuated; Lovless sacked), one regimental exec (Chandler, wounded and evacuated),


July 26, 1950

Johnnie Walker had a favor to ask of Ned Moore. Walker's son, Sam, was arriving from the 82nd Airborne and needed a job. The older Walker had begun his career with the Chicks and apparently wanted Sam to carry on the family tradition. Would Moore take him?

"What kind of strings are you keeping on him?" Moore asked.

"Not a goddamned one," Walker replied. "He's just another infantry officer."
Moore took on this big responsibility, naming young Sam Walker commander of C Company in the 1/19. He remembered that Sam was "one of about fifteen kids in the regiment whose fathers had been my bosses."

As he set up his blocking position at Chinju, Ned Moore was simultaneously reorganizing and trying to re-man the decimated 19th. He had no exec; that slot was being held open for the wounded Chan Chandler, who was expected to return.

Meanwhile, the S-3, Ed Logan, was filling in as exec.

West Pointer (1942) Elliott C. Cutler, Jr., a veteran of the ETO, replaced Logan as S-3.

The 1/19 (down to about 300 men) was now temporarily commanded by Robert L. Rhea, forty.

Tom McGrail had reverted to command of the 2/19 (about 300 men).

Despite the heavy losses sustained among the junior officers, Moore found a few good, strong combat leaders still in place - for example, Mike Barszcz.[6-67]


Lt. Col. Harold W. Mott commanded the 2/29.[6-68] [to 3rd Bn 19th]

27 July 1950