Copeland, Lee E.
[Cpl USA]

19500722 0000 DSC COPELAND, LEE E.




The Distinguished Service Cross is presented to Lee E. Copeland, Corporal, U.S. Army, for extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations against an armed enemy of the United Nations while serving as a Platoon Gunner with the 1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment (Infantry), 1st Cavalry Division. Corporal Copeland distinguished himself by extraordinary heroism in action against enemy aggressor forces in the vicinity of Yong-dong, Korea, on 22 July 1950.
When an enemy force of great strength launched a fanatical banzai attack against the 1st Battalion, Sergeant Copeland displayed great initiative and unfaltering fortitude. While his platoon withdrew to better ground, he held his position and started firing his machine-gun into enemy forces. As the enemy turned artillery and mortar fire upon him, he dashed from spot to spot carrying his machine-gun, stopping in each new position to fire his carbine and toss grenades while waiting for the machine-gun barrel to cool sufficiently to resume firing. Sergeant Copeland's effectiveness and heroic action enabled the platoon time to withdraw and set up a new defense. He then fought his way back into the Company perimeter where he continued to lend supporting fire and helped to organize the defense during the five-hour grueling attack. His leadership, courage, and exemplary conduct were an inspiration to the members of the Company and spurred them to victory despite the overwhelming disadvantages. Sergeant Copeland's outstanding performance and heroic action reflect great credit upon himself and the military service.
Department of the Army: General Orders No. 2 (January 14, 1963)