Clifford, Paul T. [LtCol CO 2ndBn5thCR]


2/5 CR




August 14, 1950

Hill 303 was occupied by Crombez's 2/5. It was commanded by West Pointer (1937) Paul T. Clifford, thirty-six, who had commanded a battalion in the ETO. He was an ambitious and able field commander in the Palmer-Crombez mold: tough and demanding and, many believed, "rash" and insensitive to his losses. The NKPA attack caught the 2/5 napping.

August 16, 1950

Again on 16 August, B Company and the tanks tried unsuccessfully to drive the enemy, now estimated to be a battalion of about 700 men, from Hill 303. The 61st Field Artillery Battalion and three howitzers of B Battery, 82nd Field Artillery Battalion, fired on the enemy-held hill during the day. Waegwan was a no man's land. For the most part, the town was deserted. Col. Marcel B. Crombez, the regimental commander, relieved the 2nd Battalion commander because he had lost control of his units and did not know where they were. A new commander prepared to resume the attack.