De Chow, George H. [LtCol CO 3rdBn27thIR]

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September 7, 1950

On September 7, a North Korean attack succeeded once again in driving ROK and American troops from Battle Mountain. The 25th Division ordered Lieutenant Colonel George H. De Chow's 3rd Battalion, US 27th Infantry Regiment to retake the peak. DeChow had just counterattacked through the rear areas of the 24th Infantry to the vicinity of Haman. K and B Companies of the 24th Infantry were to follow him and secure the crest if he regained it.

From September 79, the 3rd Battalion counterattacked up Battle Mountain.

September 9, 1950

On September 9, I Company reached the top and engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the North Koreans. L Company followed to the crest but the dug-in North Koreans drove both companies off and back down the slope. An estimated two companies of North Korean troops held the crest of Battle Mountain and two more companies protected their flanks. DeChow's 3rd Battalion suffered heavy casualties in these three days of fighting.

On the afternoon of September 9, the American counterattack force dropped back to the high ground which it had recaptured on September 7, 1,000 yards (910 m) east of Battle Mountain. Artillery, mortars, and air strikes pounded the North Korean position on Battle Mountain. During this stalemate, word came from the 25th Division for the 3rd Battalion, 27th Infantry to move to the vicinity of Masan.