Graff, Theodore Q. [Col CO 301stBG(M)]


Colonel Theodore Q. Graff 301st Bombardment Group


Part II for TWINING: If LeMay agrees to this transfer, urgently recommend promotion to temporary Lt Colonel Payne Jennings. Will appreciate you advise on action taken. I have known Jennings since 1943 as he was with me in India-Burma-China as first pilot on B-24 and performed superbly. After serving two years overseas he was returned to ZI and assigned to SAC. He was one of the few lieutenant colonels in SAC who commanded outstandingly for one year a B-29 group, namely the 301st Bombardment Group (Medium) at Salina, Kansas. Although 19th Group has been in the war since 27 June and has performed creditably, it now needs an energetic, highly technically qualified group commander. The present group commander, Colonel Theodore Q. Graff has commanded the group for approximately a year and in combat over two months. It is my opinion that he now should be rotated, as I contemplate recommending in the case of other group commanders, to the ZI, and a new group commander appointed.