Haynes, Loyal M. [BGen SS 2ndDivArty]


Haynes, Brig. Gen. Loyal M.

Headquarters, 2nd Infantry Division
General Orders No. 89 - 16 November 1950

The Silver Star is awarded to Brigadier General Loyal M. Haynes, 08379, United States Army, Commanding 2d Infantry Division Artillery, who displayed gallantry in action against an armed enemy from 31 August 1950 to 15 September 1950 in the vicinity in the Naktong River Salient. During this period a numerically superior enemy forced the front lines of the division back to a point 700 yards from General Haynes’ Command Post, thereby breaching our lines for about 7000 yards, and threatened the tactical integrity of the entire Division. Although communications were practically non-existent, General Haynes assumed command of the infantry and armored elements in his sector and, having evaluated the enemy dispositions, ordered an immediate counterattack. The then reestablished communications between his Command Post north of Changnyong and the elements of the divisions south of Yongsan, although the area between was in enemy hands. Skillfully coordinating the efforts of the two infantry regiments in his zone and providing them with superb artillery fire support, General Haynes then directed the defense of the Northern Sector with such vigor that the town of Changnyong, key to the pass leading to the Eighth Army’s supply route, was denied to the enemy, and the front stabilized. His outstanding technical competence in the command and utilization of infantry, armored, artillery, and air units, his coolness and speed of decision under long continued pressure in the face of a vigorous and fanatical enemy and his personal bravery and leadership reflect great credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of the United States. Entered the military service from Iowa.