Holmes, Ernest V. [Col CofS 1stCavDiv]


1stCavDiv_Chief_of_staff_West_Pointer_(1925) As a troop commander Gay, like Walker, had adopted some of the techniques and mannerisms of his mentor, George Patton. He wore highly polished cavalry boots and carried a bamboo swagger stick with a silver hilt. "But he wasn't Patton," a senior 1st Cav officer remembered.

Gay's chief of staff, West Pointer (1925) Ernest V. Holmes, forty-seven, an artilleryman who had spent most of World War II in Hawaii, recalled:

"Gay was not a healthy or well man. I was told that he had a heart condition and was given command of the 1st Cav in Japan for rest and recuperation. However, there was nothing obvious about his illness nor did he ever miss a day's duty."

Another senior 1st Cav officer said:

"He was sort of old, but he took good care of himself."[6-39]