Lombardo, Thomas A. [Officer aide-de-camp 2ndID]

September 1, 1950

The NKPA 9th Division, reinforced by some 4th Division survivors, crossed the Naktong into John Hill's 9th Infantry sector. The attack utterly surprised Hill and his regimental staff and Dutch Keiser's aide-de-camp, West Pointer (1945) Thomas A. Lombardo, all of whom were at the river, launching Operation Manchu. Hill survived, but his S3 and Lombardo were killed in the onslaught, as were many others. Caught flatfooted and ill deployed for defense, the 9th Infantry was almost immediately overrun and disorganized, leaving the door to Yŏngsan wide open.[9-27]

A strong enemy force surprised and delivered heavy automatic fire on it at[A Company, 72nd Tank Battalion,]  0330 from positions astride the road east of the pass. The company suffered heavy casualties, the killed including the company commander and General Keiser's aide [Thomas A. Lombardo]who had accompanied the force.