Londahl, John E. [LtCol CO 1stBn9thIR]



Lt Col John E. Londahl  9th Infantry Regiment


August 8, 1950 - Harassed and rushed, Hill got his two battalions and Keith's artillery batteries in place and attacked late, at 4:45 P.M., in utterly strange terrain and with no overall picture of the friendly and enemy dispositions in his mind.

The full-strength (850 men) 1/9, commanded by John E. Londahl, forty-two, attacked on the right.

The full-strength 2/9, commanded by Fred L. Harrison, attacked on the left.

Most of the men were green to combat; many were in poor physical condition. The intense heat and humidity came as a terrible shock and, as one Army historian put it, "slowed the advance to a crawl." Meeting heavy NKPA fire, Londahl's 1/9 recoiled and drifted northwesterly, away from the center of the fighting. Harrisons 2/9, advancing against lesser resistance, however, made fair progress. Even so, the 9th Infantry was soon compelled to stop, well short of the Naktong, having achieved very little.