Marks, Sidney M. officer USA

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A word needs to be said about the men of the 1st Battalion, 34th Infantry, and the 2d Battalion, 19th Infantry, who were driven from or left their positions west of Taejon during the morning of to
[20] July and climbed into the hills south of the Nonsan road.

Most of them escaped. These men traveled all night. One large party of 1st Battalion, 34th Infantry, troops, which included Captain Barszcz' G Company, 19th Infantry, was led by Captain Marks. It passed through Kumsan, where a few small parties turned east toward Yongdong. But the main party continued south, believing the enemy might have cut the road eastward.

Probably the largest 34th Regiment group was led out by the 1/34 platoon leader William Caldwell and the 1/34 S3, Sidney M. Marks, a tough World War II paratrooper.