Murch, Gordon E. [LtCol CO 2Bn27thIR]

biography2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry, 11/25/1950


July 24, 1950

Believing the NKPA might remount the attack that night in an effort to encircle the 1/27, Michaelis ordered Check to withdraw quietly through Gordon Murch's 2/27.

 August 11, 1950

In the meantime, and pursuant to General Walker's order on the 11th, Colonel Murch's 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry, had been engaged in helping to clear the enemy from the area south of Yŏngsan-ni,. On the 11th Murch's battalion departed from its assembly area near Masan and rolled north toward the Naktong River. A steady stream of Korean refugees clogged the road. As the battalion pushed its way through this traffic a refugee cart overturned, exposing about fifteen rifles and several bags of ammunition. Approximately twelve North Korean soldiers disguised as refugees accompanying it fled across an open field. Infantrymen near the scene killed eight of them. Continuing on, Murch's battalion engaged and dispersed an estimated 200 enemy troops near Iryong-ni, a few miles south of the Naktong River bridge.