Nash, Robert 'Bob' [Capt Supply 2Bn19thIR]


Our very conscientious supply officer, Bob [9-Robert E.] Nash, went to the rear by jeep to check on some rations and ammunition. He came to a major crossroads, which was congested from all four directions by heavy traffic, with no one directing traffic. No MPs. Nash jumped out of his jeep to investigate the problem. Reaching the intersection, he heard someone say in a loud, authoritative voice, "Captain, come here." Nash looked around to face the Eighth Army commander, General Walker, who asked: "What's going on here? What are these units?" Nash replied: "I just arrived, sir. I don't know." Walker said: "Are you in command here?" Nash said: "No, sir." With that the general threw up his arms and shouted: "Then assume command!" Several hours later, when he got back to our CP, Nash was still shaking.[9-6]