Noble, Harold J. U.S. Embassy

Harold J. Noble, the first secretary of the U.S. Embassy in Korea, wrote in his book Embassy at War that newly arriving American officers displayed an "astonishing amount of contempt for the ROK Army."

Noble claimed Major General Hobart Gay, the 1st Cavalry Division commander, newly arrived in Korea, told a press conference that

"he did not intend to take the ROK Army into consideration at all in making his estimates and dispositions and that his solution for the Communist's infiltration tactics was to force every Korean out of the division's area of responsibility, on the theory that once they were removed, any Korean caught in the area would be an enemy agent."

Noble also said Gay's "order included the Korean National police, whom he sent back to Taegu." Whatever General Gay might have said when he first arrived in Korea, there is no evidence that he put any of these ideas into practice. His official policy on handling refugees dated July 23, 1950 (described earlier) made the National Police the responsible authority for handling refugees. 29

Noble, Harold Joyce Diplomat


Noble, Harold J

Embassy at War (Studies of the East Asian Institute)

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