Parry, Fox Francis [Maj 3bn11MR]


Author: "3 war marine"

Parry, Francis Fox [Maj SS CO 3rdBn11thMR]

Fox Parry was 32, the son of a Philadelphia judge, the product of several fine private schools. He had played lacrosse and wrestled for Navy, and had graduated from Annapolis in early 1941, a member of the academy's first accelerated wartime class. He had put in for the Marine Corps simply because the Basic School had been located at the Navy Yard adjacent to his native Philadelphia; his class, how-ever, had been the first to train at Quantico, in Virginia. Initial combat for the tall, solid, athletic Parry had been at Guadalcanal, where he rose from forward observer to battery commander. He later served at Okinawa, and had been in combat with the 3rd Battalion, 11th, all the way up from Inch'ŏn. He was one of Homer Litzenberg's most trusted confidants.