Reinburg, Joseph H. (Hunter) [Maj CO VMF(N) 513]

From the standpoint of the NKPA, as if it wasn't bad enough that the Black Sheep and the Death Rattlers were making the daylight hours dangerous for any North Korean soldier who showed his head, now Maj Joseph H. "Hunter" Reinburg's Night Fighter Squadron (VMF(N)) 513 weighed in.
Flying from Itazuke Air Base in Japan, the "Night Hecklers" wasted no time in demonstrating to the NKPA that even darkness offered no safe haven. Day and night, MAG-33 aviators pummeled North Korean targets. During the defense of the Pusan Perimeter, they flew 662 sorties in support of Marine ground forces and assisted U.S. Army and South Korean units with an additional 333 close air support missions, for a total of 995 sorties in little more than four weeks of fighting.