Roberts, Paul F. [LtCol CO 2ndBn24thIR]

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Hence the 24th RCT entered the battle zone with weak leadership at the top. Fortunately there was one capable, combat experienced senior white officer in the 24th: Paul F. Roberts, thirty-four, who had been twice wounded and often decorated (Silver Star Medal, etc.) in World War II. To strengthen the top leadership, White chose Roberts to be the regimental exec. Carlisle and Bussey remembered that Roberts was "tough as nails and sharp as a tack" and did "a superior job," which enabled White to "take things easy."[6-22]

August 18

The first attack against the mountain line of the 24th Infantry came on the morning of 18 August, when the enemy partly overran E Company on the northern spur of Battle Mountain and killed the company commander.

During the day, Lt. Col. Paul F. Roberts succeeded Lt. Col. George R. Cole in command of the 2d Battalion there. The next day, the enemy attacked C Company on Battle Mountain and routed it.