Sach, John F.[Squadron Leader UK]

August 20, 1950 0930 hours, Wing Commander Wykeham-Barnes and Squadron Leader John F. Sach. Wykeham-Barnes arrived last evening; he is to be our "night-intruder" specialist.

Sent the following letter to "Jack" Slessor [214] (Marshal of the Royal Air Force):

Your night intruder specialist, Wing Commander Wykeham-Barnes arrived last evening. I had a very pleasant conference with him at 0930 hours this morning. He is leaving immediately for Korea to confer with Major General Earle E. Partridge, Commanding General, Fifth Air Force, under whom our night intruder missions will be flown. I send my thanks to you for making him available - and so expeditiously. I am sure that the Far East Air Forces will benefit greatly by the information that he will pass on to us on night intruder operations. I would like to report direct to you also, that your Squadron Leader John F. Sach, who is the RAF liaison officer with my headquarters from the Far East Air Force (RAF), Singapore, is doing an outstanding job. He is treated by me and my staff as a member of our team. He is very popular and has the brain power that is so important in the position that he occupies. I commend him to you. Major General Laurence C. Craigie, who is my Vice Commander for Administration and Plans, and Major General Otto P. Weyland, who is my Vice Commander for Operations, both send warm personal regards to you. Again, many thanks for making Wing Commander Wykeham- Barnes available to us.