Walker, Joseph A. [XO 9thIR]

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August 8, 1950


During that night (August 8 - 9) the NKPA exploited the penetration in Perez's 3/34 sector on the left (or south). But John Church, fixated on his center, continued to dismiss this growing threat.


August 9, 1950


At dawn on August 9 he ordered John Hill's 9th Infantry to resume its attack toward the Naktong. Londahl's 1/9 and Harrison's 2/9 responded, but again the attack did not go well.

Both battalions ran straight into a strong NKPA counterattack. Casualties in the 2/9 were heavy. The commander, Fred Harrison, lost a leg; his exec, Joseph A. Walker, assumed command of the battalion.[7-66]


August 14, 1950

The attack went off, per schedule, at dawn on August 14. It was raining hard. Because of that, no FEAF aircraft appeared, but the artillery laid down a ten-minute barrage.

Again carrying the burden of the attack, John Hill's 9th Infantry occupied the center. Beauchamp's 34th and Brad Smith's 1/21 were on the left; Ned Moore's 19th was on the right. Joe Walker's 2/9 smartly took its first objective; but thereafter everything went wrong, and the attack fizzled out all across the front.

The shattered 19th and 34th regiments were simply physically and mentally incapable of further offensive action. After an average gain of 500 yards against fierce NKPA resistance, Task Force Hill ground to a halt.