Woodruff, x [Major USAF]

Major Woodruff (Sach’s counterpart) reported in briefly from Singapore. He
brought with him a personal letter from Todd Melersh who said that he was planning
a trek to Japan and of course wanted to see me here in Tokyo. Wrote him
(which Woodruff will carry back with him) that inasmuch as Spaatz arrives
tomorrow and intends to leave 25 Sept and Kenney arrives 23 September and intends to leave 3 Oct, and since they will be guests of mine - which will entail taking them to Korea and the bases here in FEAF, would appreciate his putting off his trip if at all possible; if not, and my schedule does not permit my greeting him personally when he arrives, he is to get in touch with my ADC who will see that he gets to the house and is taken care of and that Annalee will be delighted to have him.



Sqdn Ldr John F. Sach. British Far East Air Forces
(BFEAF) was headquartered in Singapore.