Longbotham, Ralph M. [Capt SS D27thIR]

Longbotham, Ralph M.

General Orders No. 16 - 3 January 1951
25th Infantry Division

The Silver Star is awarded to Captain Ralph M. Longbotham, 01332982, Infantry, Company D, 27th Regiment, 25th Infantry Division, United States Army. On 6 September 1950 during an attack by an estimated 300 enemy on the battalion assembly area in the vicinity of Chirwon, Korea, Captain Longbotham ran through the heavy volume of small arms and automatic weapons fire to the 75mm recoilless rifle position and from an exposed position personally directed the fire of the guns. Later, while bringing up vitally needed ammunition, he was painfully wounded but refused medical aid, continuing, despite the severe action to direct the fire of the guns until the enemy attack was repulsed. Captain Longbotham’s exemplary courage and steadfastness under fire reflect great credit on himself and the military service. Entered military service from Minnesota.