Commanding General, Far East Air Forces


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June 25, 1950

Maj. Gen. Earle E. Partridge, who was commander, 5th Air Force, but serving as acting commander of Far East Air Forces (FEAF), ordered wing commanders to prepare for air evacuation of US citizens from South Korea.


Lt. Gen. George E. Stratemeyer ....Apr. 1949 - May 1951

Lt. Gen. Earle E. Partridge ............ 21 May 1951

Maj. Gen. Otto P. Weyland ................... 10 June 1951 - end of war


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An abortive ROK counterattack in the vital Uijŏngbu corridor failed on 26 June, and North Korean entrance into Sŏul seemed assured. [04-33]

Emergency Evacuation

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The unexpectedly rapid and powerful communist onslaught exposed some 1,500 American civilians to immediate peril. The majority were families of AMIK personnel, most of them in the Sŏul area. Additionally, more than a hundred women and a sizable number of male employees were working at Department of State, ECA, and KMAG installations.



According to the evacuation plan drawn in July 1949 by GHQ and named CHOW CHOW, the CG Eighth Army, CG FEAF, and COMNAVFE were assigned responsibilities to evacuate U. S. civilians, U. S. military personnel, and designated foreign nationals. The plan estimated that North Korean forces would require at least ninety-six hours to overrun the Sŏul-Inch'ŏn area. [04-34]