"heavy-lift" helicopter

By 3 June his recommendations were ready and went through the standard review. On 5 August 1949 Major General William J . Wallace, Director, Division of Aviation (DivAvn), and Brigadier General Edwin A. Pollock, Director, Division of Plans and Policies (DivP&P) had formed a study group at Head Quarters Marine Corps (HQMC) to implement the execution of Major General Oliver P. Smith's recommendations:

"that a transport helicopter program with the objective of activating one 12-plane squadron [on each coast ] in 1953 and one such squadron in 1954 b initiated immediately . "

Thus began the process of developing a "heavy-lift" helicopter. On 27 April 1950 the Navy Research and Development Plan, Operational Requirement Number AO–17501 (Rotary Wing Assault Helicopter) was issued, the listed requirements were :

"develop a rotary wing assault craft capable o f transporting combat equipped troops (or the equivalent in combat equipment) from transport vessels to beachheads in support of landing operations . . . that 20 combat equipped troops be transported with the weight of each man computed at 225 pounds ... operate from a CVE or larger carrier, or between carriers and suitable equipped transport ships, carrying assault troops with their initial requirements in supply, communications and organic weapons . . . ."