MOSQUITO squadron


On 13 July the airborne control organization moved back to Taegu, where it became known as the MOSQUITO squadron, an appropriate name which appears to have come from an early radio call sign for the unit. After three weeks of informal existence, the MOSQUITO squadron was officially organized as the 6147th Tactical Control Squadron Airborne, effective on 1 August.

On 30 July a flight of F-80's with rockets and machine guns blazing, destroyed eight artillery pieces and a number of vehicles two miles northeast of Hwanggan, and when, on this same mission, a MOSQUITO spotted some 2,000 enemy troops southeast of Yŏngdong, other fighters were called in to work them over.

Some of their call signs:

Call sign Mosquito Able

Call sign Mosquito Baker

Call sign Mosquito Charlie

Call sign Mosquito Dog

Call sign Mosquito Gas Mask

Call sign Mosquito Jig

Call sign Mosquito King

Call sign Mosquito Picklebarrel

Call sign Mosquito Uncle


August 9, 1950

But the Navy did not find this employment profitable, and, after a particularly vexatious day on 9 August, when many flights of carrier planes were unable to contact either "Mellow" or the Mosquitoes, Admiral Struble messaged Admiral Joy that the maximum effort of the fleet was not being used in South Korea.#31

Acting without coordination with FEAF, NavFE secured permission from the GHQ staff to transfer its operations into North Korea, where naval pilots soon found "a multiplicity of extremely lucrative and profitable targets well suited to carrier-aircraft strikes." #32

This action seemed contrary to the agreement between NavFE and FEAF undertaken on 3 August, but the Seventh Fleet held that the record of this conference did not constitute a formal agreement.#33

The somewhat embarrassed Navy liaison officer at the Joint Operations Center explained that the Seventh Fleet did not understand that the letter issued after the 3 August conference was an order. "It was just a mutual agreement," he said, "there wasn't any order out to that effect from GHQ or higher headquarters. "#34