Manchu Regiment

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At the beginning of the century the U.S. Army dispatched the 9th Infantry Regiment to Qing China during the Boxer Rebellion and the China Relief Expedition where the regiment earned the nickname "Manchus". During the Battle of Tientsin, three 9th Regiment soldiers won the Medal of Honor and the regimental commander, Col. Emerson H. Liscum, was killed by Chinese fire, as was the flag bearer for the regiment. A Chinese sniper shot Liscum as he tried to steady the flag after the bearer was killed.

The Chinese again unleashed a torrent of fire upon the Allies, which forced them to lie face down in mud. The dark blue uniform of the American troops provided a virtual bull's eye to the Chinese troops, equipped with western firearms, such as Winchesters, Mausers, and Mannlichers.[4]

Many American troops died from Chinese sniper fire before they took the city.[5]

The regiment suffered a ten percent casualty rate in the battle. Colonel Liscum's dying words gave the regiment its motto, "Keep up the Fire." Lt. Col. Charles A. Coolidge assumed command, the Allies then captured the city, and the regiment was awarded two silver ingots from which the Liscum Bowl was created. The regiment fought in the Battle of Yangcun.