Tactical Air Control Center


(call sign Mellow or Mellow Control)

Primarily a communications organization, the TACC was the focal point for aircraft control and warning activities of the tactical air force.

Lt. Col. John R. Murphy was named officer-in-charge of the operations section, and he moved his personnel and equipment to Taejŏn on 5 and 6 July, and set up for business at the 24th Division's head-quarters in an office adjoining the division G-3. Later on FEAF would say that the JOC opened at Taejŏn on 5 July, #10 but since the Army did not man its side of the establishment, Colonel Murphy's section was something less than a joint operations center. Lacking Army representatives, Air Force intelligence officers in Colonel Murphy's party scouted around the Army headquarters building and picked up such targets as seemed profitable for air attack.


As the front squeezed in upon Taejŏn, the T6s evacuated to Taegu on July 13 and fell under the 6132nd Tactical Air Control Squadron's command the following day. The Joint Operations Center followed in stages between July 14 and 19. [note]