Troop Training Unit



In April, May and June, 1950, Mobile Team A was training U.S. Army components of the 24th, 25th, 7th and 1st Cavalry Divisions at Camp McGill, Japan. Additionally, working with staff members of the 1st Cavalry Division, the team prepared the plans required to move the unit to Korea.

With the approval of General Fellers, Mobile Team A moved with and became a part of the Landing Teams of the 1st Cavalry Division which landed at P'ohang, Korea, in July of 1950.

From that date on, Mobile team A became an integral part of the Naval Amphibious Command (Admiral James H. Doyle, USN) and later the Amphibious Staff, 10th Corps, in the advance planning and landings at Inch'ŏn. Mobile Team A operated with the 10th Corps on both the East and West Coasts of Korea, and aided in the evacuation of forces from Hungnam.

It was understood from the beginning that the Special Plans Staff, headed by General Ruffner, would be the nucleus of the future X Corps staff. In order to have the benefit of specialized amphibious knowledge, ten Marine and two Navy officers of TTU Mobile training Team Able were assigned on 19 August:

  1. Col E. H. Forney: Deputy Chief of Staff
  2. LtCol J. Tabor: Asst Coordinator, FSCC
  3. LtCol C. E. Warren: Asst G4
  4. Maj J. N. McLaughlin: Asst G3
  5. Maj J. F. Warner: Asst G3
  6. Maj C. P. Weiland: Air Officer, FSCC
  7. Maj V. H. Vogel: Asst G4
  8. Capt H. S. Coppedge: Asst G2
  9. Capt T. A. Manion: Asst Signal Officer, FSCC
  10. Capt V. J. Robinson: Target Info Officer
  11. Lt L. N. Lay, USN: Asst Surgeon
  12. Lt W. A. Sheltren, USN: Asst NGF Officer, FSCC[10]

These officers did not begin their new assignment in time to contribute to the preliminary X Corps overall scheme of maneuver.


While General Fellers returned to the U.S. in late August, his team continued to perform important services until it was returned to the U.S. in December, 1951.