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Navy Cross

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Navy Cross
Awarded by United States Department of the Navy
Type Medal (decoration)
Awarded for distinguishes himself or herself in action by extraordinary heroism in combat not justifying the Medal of Honor.
Status Currently awarded
First awarded 1937
Total awarded ~6,900
Next (higher) Medal of Honor
Equivalent Army: Distinguished Service Cross
Marine Corps: Navy Cross
Air Force: Air Force Cross
Coast Guard: Coast Guard Cross
Next (lower) Distinguished Service Medals: Defense, Homeland Security, Army, Navy (Navy-Marine), Air Force, Coast Guard
Navy Cross Ribbon

The Navy Cross is the second-highest military decoration for valor that may be awarded to a member of the United States Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, or U.S. Coast Guard (when operating under the Department of the Navy) for extraordinary heroism in combat. It is equivalent to the Army's Distinguished Service Cross, the Air Force's Air Force Cross and the Coast Guard's Coast Guard Cross.

The Navy Cross is bestowed by the Secretary of the Navy and may also be awarded to members of the other armed services, and to foreign military personnel while serving with the U.S. naval services. The Navy Cross was established by Act of Congress (Public Law 65-253) and approved on February 4, 1919.